Gentle. Low pressure. The most common form of chiropractic care.

The Diversified technique — also called “Manual Adjusting Technique” — is the most common form of Chiropractic Care administered in practices throughout the world. Quite literally a “hands on” approach, the Diversified Adjusting Technique requires the doctor to directly apply gentle pressure to misaligned areas of the body using hands, palms, or other forms as appropriate.

The Diversified adjusting technique is gentle and low pressure. Adjustments can be made to correct subluxations, which are misalignments within the spine and are ultimately detrimental to ones overall health and well being. Although the essence of health is not contingent on how you feel, patients most often leave their appointment feeling less tension, better energy and reduced discomfort thanks to the healing power that manual adjustment care can offer.

Diversified technique at Moran Signature Chiropractic

How Does the Diversified Adjusting Technique Work?

Diversified adjusting techniques are referred to as “Diversified” for good reason. Namely, they encompass a wide range of chiropractic disciplines all concerned with correcting misalignment and relieving excess tension.

Most manual adjusting occurs through high-velocity, low amplitude thrusts that quickly, but gently restore alignment without the use of extreme pressure or discomfort. Through different adjustment positions, we adjust problematic subluxations to strategically realign these areas of your spine.

Use of our Technique

The Diversified technique is the most commonly practiced form of chiropractic care because of its reliability and decades of refinement. Drs. Moran can perform adjustments by sensing feedback in the body needed to apply corrections in response to individual physiologies. Chiropractic care through manual adjustments most often involves the use of sophisticated measuring and imaging so as to determine the exact nature of subluxations. By following changes in the body seen through our state of the art technology and patient history, the team at Moran Signature Chiropractic can strategically coordinate care to deliver measurable, sustained positive outcomes across a wide range of patient needs.

Diversified technique at Moran Signature Chiropractic


The Activator Method is a chiropractic technique used by Drs. Moran, as well as a majority of other chiropractic offices across the world.
How Does the Activator Technique Work?

The method involves the use of a mechanized instrument that provides a quick, gentle pulse to adjust spinal abnormalities and restore ideal posture and health. The Activator method differs from the manual hand technique in that it does not use manual, hand-based adjustments. Instead, a mechanized instrument activates a rubber piston at the end of the device to adjust the vertebrae in the spine.

A specific amount of force is given to produce skeletal corrections while minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort to the patient. Our practice members are also less likely to tense in order to “protect” muscles as they would with slower, easier to anticipate manual adjustments.

Another advantage to the preset force levels is that the quick, vibrating motion can be controlled in a single point of pressure, as opposed to diversified manual adjustment that must use broader pressure isolated to targeted areas.

Both manual/diversified and activator methods are viable options that can be utilized based on the patient’s condition, preferences and the recommendations of their chiropractor.

Use of Activator Chiropractic Methods

Dr. Arlan Fuhr developed the Activator Technique in 1967. His aim was to provide standardized care using an instrument that could apply gentler forces in low amplitude but a high frequency.

The first Activator device was patented in 1978, and has since obtained approval from the FDA as a safe and effective medical device.

The Activator method is the second-most common chiropractic method used after diversified technique. Seventy percent of chiropractic professionals use it, typically in conjunction with other adjustment options.


The Thompson Technique is a full spine chiropractic adjusting technique that uses high velocity and low amplitude.

This adjusting procedure uses a drop table to assist in the correction of vertebral subluxations. Using the drop table allows the doctor to use less force, decreasing doctor fatigue and making it easier on the patient. At the heart of the Thompson Technique is the Derifield leg check adapted from the original work of Dr. Romer Derifield and Dr. Alivin Niblo. The Derifield leg-check analysis enables the practitioner to differentiate between cervical, pelvic, lumbar, and thoracic involvement.

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